About us

Transportation Hung Thinh has many years of experience and creativity in the field of inland freight. We provide the perfect service of transporting goods by road, capable of meeting all customer requirements of freight transport in all provinces in the country.

Business activities

+ North-South Freight, Domestic Freight.

+ Transporting short roads inside and outside the province

+ Moving houses, moving offices, warehouses ..

+ Loading and unloading service, professional packaging

+ Truck rental service

Shipping capacity

+ Owning a fleet of vehicles with a variety of loads from 1 ton to 30 tons. Hung Thinh Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd ensures to be able to meet the customer’s fast freight needs every day.

+ Unrestricted transport items including household goods, advertising goods, industrial goods, metal and electrical goods, and overloaded construction materials and machinery.

+ A large, fast and experienced loading and unloading team ensure the delivery time on time with the contract,

+ Experience in preserving goods best when shipping, especially with fragile items, perishable goods, pets …

+ Packed house cleaning surprisingly fast, neat, not bulky, ensuring packaging goods intact when performing delivery.

+ In case of damage, loss during transportation we ensure responsibility and compensation for damage in accordance with the contractual commitments.

The benefits Hung Thinh brings to customers.

  • Prices are stable, ensuring maximum cost savings of freight for customers.
  • Goods are guaranteed during delivery and delivery.
    Professional and reputable freight service.
  • We always work reputation and will be 100% responsible for the occurrence of damage or loss of goods when shipping.
  • The staff and drivers are well-trained, specialized in professional, fun, enthusiastic at work.
  • Procedures for transportation contracts, cargo receipts, and value-added invoices are fully drafted for control by customers.

We always work wholeheartedly with the motto for the benefit of our customers. Customers can be assured of all aspects of the price of goods safety and quality of service.

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